An addictive and challenging block-building puzzler where you control the cute little blue character, Zep, and help him navigate through an obstacle-filled dreamland.

Use Zep's magical power to create or destroy blocks in order to help you change the landscape and reach each dream's exit. Easier said than done! Zep's abilities are powerful, but he can't build things wherever he wants. The dreamland is filled with dead-zones that prevent Zep from being able to conjure up blocks. These, and many other obstacles will block Zep's path.

It's up to you to determine the best (and sometimes only) way to get around them in order to help him wake up.

  • Free!
  • 40 built-in levels
  • Over 40 downloadable levels
  • Build and share your own creations with the included level editor
  • Add your own midi music to the playlist